Fire Permit Information

To obtain a fire permit in the town of Monmouth or North Monmouth, please do one of the following:

  1.  Go online to and obtain a free permit that you print off yourself. It only takes a few minutes and our department will be automatically notified that the permit has been issued. This is the preferred methong which is convienent for everyone.
  2. If you care unable to use a computer to obtain an online permit, you may still call one of the town's Fire Wardens listed below to obtain a permit.

    Dan Roy, Fire Chief

    Pat Smith,  1st Asst. Chief 

    Ken Palleschi, 2nd Asst. Chief 

    Ed Pollard, 3rd Asst. Chief

    Paul Fox, Deputy Fire Warden 

    Curtis Fox, Captain - Fire Warden

    Paul and Curtis Fox can also
     be contacted by visiting:
    Fox’s Small Engine Repairs, 80 Academy Street, Monmouth
  3. You can also access the Maine Forest Service website at and obtain a permit for a fee. This permit is good for two days provided conditions are okay to burn.


Burning permits are required for the outdoor burning of leaves, grass, brush, deadwood, tree cuttings, wood debris, etc. anytime throughout the year. Depending on the current fire danger, restrictions may be in place.

Burning permits will only be issued for after 5:00 pm during the weekdays and anytime during the weekends depending on the fire danger classification.  Exceptions to this rule may include class I days, rainy days with no wind and/or snow-covered ground.

Burning permits can be revoked if environmental conditions worsen, nuisance complaints are received or if the conditions of the permit are violated.